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  • Idade : 21
  • Preferência sexual : Bissexual
  • Private show : 5 créd./min
  • Show VIP : 10 créd./min (Voyeur : 5 créd./min)
  • Vídeos : 5 créd./min


  • Descrição : "Hola chicos te quiere revy "I like to spend a delicious moment with you, laugh, share and enjoy you and enjoy, subscribe and follow me, let me know your favorite desires, what you want to do, ahhh "I love dominate, but you must be obedient" I love you support me to fulfill my dreams do not forget to follow me and qualify my punctuation kisses# Lovense connected interactive # They look gently moistened me ## you do not know how to do it send me gifts - older be more delicious.Boys I offer you in my show a little talk, twerky dance, kindness, dominicon, roles, romantic appointments, but they should let them know with time about the romantic appointment by message one day before, games, show shower, if you want to get to these things you must have time and enjoy the with me without acones ok let me know what you like to tell you if I do it and at what time we started.*Rules in my habiatacion: 1*- 7 mn must pass to start the show of what you want2*- Do not be rude3* -I'm not just sexual use, I also like other things, meet me
  • Online : Boys, connecting schedule will be from 4 or 5 in the morning until 7 that breakfast then will be with you at 8 0 8 and 30 until 11am. This is my schedule.My extra schedule is 1 and 30 0 2 to 5 pm
  • Eu gosto : I get excited about the gifts makes me very happy. I get excited that you do not hurry or fight, I get excited that I like it
  • eu não gosto : T I say what I do not like to do about what you tell me at the show you will tell you that I do not agree. I do not like the show at 3 mn so if you want a good show you should wait for the fun.
  • Eu falo : English

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